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“ Oceania Rail road Solutions are the Zephir accredited distributors

within the New Zealand Rail market. “

Zephir s.p.a.: “We chose ORRS to represent us in the New Zealand

market through our close collaboration and knowledge of the

company directors, their combined experience and strengths including

their demonstrable assurance to quality, customer knowledge and

service.” Marco Mattioli ISM and Company Director ZEPHIR s.p.a.”

ORRSMan (under construction)

ORRSMan (TM Pending) Asset/Fleet management system


Hardware: Compact In Vehicle computing box with proven military specifications and

applications containing

  • Intel Atom E3826 SOC Inside
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Interface (CAN J1939, OBD -11 ISO 15765 & J1708 with built in GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth, J1587, WWan.
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring
  • Extreme climate control capability -300~700 Celsius
  • Anti-shock vibration to pass MIL-STD-810G & 5MB standard.

Software: Australian engineered and supported

  • Data Logger Program: (Data Logging & Event Logging)
  • GPS Program: (GPS Data Logging. Configuration, Geo Fencing, alarms & events, Event Logging, Data Transmission & Data Streaming)
  • Access Control: (RFID & Interlock)
  • Checklist Program (Operator Checklist, Maintenance Checklist, Real-time Event Alerts, SMS Alerts, Server Messaging, Access Control)
    a. Server: (Events, Timeline, Categories/Task, User Management, Reports, Vehicle Management, Help)


  • Our capability is the dynamic solution based team that is driven by the customer’s requirements.
  • Our suppliers capability is the ability to supply any number of proven reliable products with a short lead time


  • The point of difference between our system and alternate provider’s is all components are captured in a single piece of hardware whilst our proprietary software delivers the innovation.
  • ORRSman is a true Asset Management system that adds value at every level of the customers’ business.
  • Real-time knowledge of your asset coupled with compilation of data on a server to be retrieved and analysed on any increment of time.
  • Strategic advantage allowing optimisation of the asset deployment coupled with strategic analysis of operator behaviour.
  • ORRSman delivers TBL by making full analysis of Assets available.
  • Robust hardware coupled with lifetime software updates ensures lifetime support and sustainability.